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The Personality of Networking - Part 2

How do you stay motivated? I’ve been asked this question for several years… Even before I decided to join the working world. It’s a tough question, but I’ve been able to answer it every time I hear it. My response typically revolves around passion and sacrifice, but in Part 2 of 'The Personality of Networking', I’ll dig a bit deeper.

I broadly define motivation in this case as, 'the drive and desire of an individual.' This can be for monetary reward, personal satisfaction or both. This is essentially what makes a person get out of bed everyday.Being able to define why you do what you do will make it easy to decide who you are. The following are traits often demonstrated by an effective networker:

  • Implementation - Setting specific networking goals and achieving them. The goals a networker sets should not revolve around seeing how many sales they can make, but rather simple goals like handing out two business cards per day. In this case, you should set achievable goals and follow through. If you find that at the end of the day you haven't handed out two cards... then get your butt to the grocery store and hand ‘em out!
  • Determination – The belief that you will create success.Far too often, I see individuals give up when they don't see success being created from the networking they have done. Reality is that some of the time, nothing will happen. On the other hand, many times things are being created from your efforts that you'll never even realize.You must be able to trust in yourself and your judgments that you've surrounded yourself with the right people. Good things will happen.
  • Sacrifice - Successful networking requires long hours.The excuse, "there are no networking events available" doesn't apply. If you can't find a networking event; you aren't looking hard enough. Check into your local associations and visit their events. Events are held at all hours during the day/night and it's up to you to make the time commitment to attend. This often leads to becoming a networking nerd; which is okay if you remain light-hearted and don't take things too seriously.

In my opinion, attitude & motivation can be learned/trained or born within. It’s imperative to recognize which characteristics you lack and strive to fill the gaps. In an ever changing and competitive market place; a business can thrive through the networks we build.


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I enjoyed your networking posts. In my view, one of the keys to successful networking is to think of ways you can help others. If you can help others get what they want it will eventually come back to you - often ten fold.



You're right on. Not only does it increase the odds of economic output for each business/individual, but it's fun to watch others succeed.

Thanks for continuing the conversation!

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