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5 Tips on Getting and Staying Connected (4)

This is the fourth segment in a 5 part series (Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3)

If you've ever had an extended conversation with me, you've undoubtedly heard me say... "We volunteer about 80% of our time."  That is still the truth today and it's still my recommendation for others...

TIP #4 - Volunteer Your Time to Those in Need of Your Expertise
In this case, don't volunteer to get something back.  Volunteer because you know you can help someone out.  If you truly give your time, you'll see benefits in the long run.  Here are some thoughts to keep you motivated to volunteer.

  • Tithe Your Time:  Don't expect to receive anything back for your time.  Give your time and forget about it.  After all, if you give with the expectation of getting something in return... you're giving for the wrong reasons.
  • Watch Success Be Created:  Mark, Measure and Track where you started and where you finished with each volunteer project.  You'll be amazed at the results you will produce.
  • Be A Bridge: Strive to bridge gaps within industries you see that need help.  Independent operators have a hard time marketing themselves and running their business; find them and ask how you can help them market.  Done right, you can have a hand in their successes.
  • Grow With Your Clientele:  Far too often, we place constraints on future clients.  Some can't afford to pay you, but if you are creative with your expertise, you will be remembered when a company can afford to pay you.

As your network grows, your personal value will grow as well.  Set yourself up for future success by volunteering your time.  After all, it's people we do business with and it's those people that will make you truly valuable.

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I am all for volunteering but 80% of your time?

For most busy professionals with a family that is not realistic at all and goes way beyond tithing your time.

I do agree with you about growing with your clients. In the early periods you should expect to give away a certain amount of time. Hopefully that client will grow and become better able to pay professional fees. However, I am not a proponent of giving away all your time to start-up clients. It is important to set a precedent in order to establish a sense that your time is valuable and clients must pay for that time. This may mean lower fees in the beginning but at least you are establishing a business - client relationship.


When it comes to making connections and giving of your time - you "walk the talk" Adam. I've been on the receiving end of your generosity. Thank you. Your post is a reminder to "pay it forward".


Thanks for continuing the conversation!

I agree that 80% is a lot and that's why I'm always quick to say that I'm extremely blessed to be able to do that. And I'm also the first to point out that my work/life balance is completely out of wack!

Because of this, it's also why I stress that business owners should find a base level of income that allows them to network/connect in the proper fashion.

Volunteering as one piece to a connectivity strategy is a large step to creating growth in our State. Start-ups/any type of business shouldn't expect to receive everything for free, but if we can pool resources in several filtered situations & business models, we will eventually create a roadmap for economic development success. As certain businesses fail and certain businesses succeed we will also develop the checks and balances that allow us to volunteer our time in a more efficient manner.


Thank you too for continuing the conversation!

I appreciate your comment and truly believe that the more success we can create for each other... the farther we're all going to go.

I wake up everyday not feeling like I'm going to work; I feel like I'm going to meet all my friends and establish new relationships.


Your work has been tireless and I appauld your efforts. I should have said that initially.

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