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5 Tips on Getting and Staying Connected (3)

This is the third segment of a 5-part series (Part 1 | Part 2)

If you buy into the theory that a business needs to be connected to be successful, then you may also buy into the theory of associations.  You may also have doubts on whether or not associations will truly help your business grow.

TIP # 3 - Join an Association
Call them an association, call them a chamber, call them what you will... they cost money and it's important to watch where every dollar in your business is spent.  Here are some suggestions when joining an association:

  • Be Picky.  There are several different associations that you can join, so be sure to ask questions from current members and former members.
  • Your Dues Are An Incentive.  Sounds strange, but you should view your dues as a reason to attend events.  If you pay a yearly fee and don't attend the organizational events... you're wasting money.
  • Be Proud.  You know you're involved with the right association when you won't hesitate to drop their name.  If you're not willing to share who you're aligned with; you're aligned with the wrong group.
  • Volunteer For Them.  You paid money to join, but that doesn't mean your time shouldn't be allocated to get involved in your association.  View your time as promotion for yourself and your business.  You'll be amazed at the connections you'll make.
  • Help Them Help You.  It's important to find ways to help your association grow and improve.  Far too often, businesses expect their dues to be the cure-all for their business.  Dig into the association and see how you can help them improve you.  After all you, as the business owner, know exactly what resources you need in order to grow.

We're passed the halfway point of the 5 part series!  #4 and #5 are on the way...

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Once again; you are the Networking Master. Excellent advice; I want to emphasize the importance and value of getting involved: when you raise your hand be sure to follow through; in addition to the service you provide, you will make strong business connections. People like people who make things happen and make their group look good. And you must stay involved. You walk the walk Adam. Nice work.

Thanks Tom! Excellent advice and a great extension on the conversation.

I think as more and more people recognize/implement this; we're going see some great things happen.

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