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Is Podcasting Part of Your Strategy?

Podcast A few years ago, the term multi-media referred to having a presence in print, radio, TV and the Internet. Now, it's almost necessary to have multi-media in your web presence.

Text, Images, Video and Audio.  While video is getting a lot of play (and should be considered for your business), it may be more affordable to begin podcasting.

The National Pork Board offers its PorkPod podcast with an embedded player. This way your audience can download the podcast or listen from within the browser.

While this isn't a podcast, take a listen to Brian's radio spot - right here in the browser:

Play in Browser:

Audacity is a free, easy-to-use software available (MAC and Windows) for recording and editing sounds.

Easier still is BlogTalkRadio. Just pick up the phone and record. Within minutes after recording, BTR turns your recording into a sound file you can embed in your browser. Our own Rush Nigut does this at RushonBusiness. Sherry Borzo at dsmBuzz also uses this method.

Similar to blogging, one of the best ways to get started podcasting is listening first. Anita Campbell compiled a great resource 100 Small Business Audio Podcasts along with a backstory behind the list.

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I'm a blogtalk fan for sure. I know that this month blogtalk launched more changes to help podcasters and listeners alike. This and all the other offerings on the web make this a very exciting time to be involved on the internet.


Thanks for the nice comment. Sherry is 100% accurate in saying that Blogtalkradio is rolling out a new web site later this month which will certainly enhance the experience for both hosts and listeners.

Alan Levy


Great post and tremendous advice. I am grateful you introduced me to BlogTalkRadio. I plan on resuming my podcast series this fall. The podcasts have been a nice change of pace and I love visiting with other professionals that have valuable information to share.


> Sherry - Love your show (and thanks for having me as a guest). We're excited about some of the new things BTR is doing.

>Alan - You know I've always been a fan of BTR, simply put because you make it simple for a small business owner to extend their voice without a lot of techno-knowledge. Looking forward to the rollout of new tools!

>Rush - Maybe we can soon do an IowaBiz show using BTR? Keep up the great work!

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