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Be A Relationship Farmer

Farmer Have you ever caught yourself asking the question... "What value does this person bring me?"  If so, you're not alone.  It's very normal but may not be the best way approach a networking situation.

As a networker/collaborator/business development/salesperson, I believe that is important to operate on the "you just never know" principle. 

Often times, the people you meet aren't the direct contacts into sales opportunities for your organization.  As a matter of fact, the real opportunities lie layers deep and can only be reached through strong relationships.

We must work very hard to develop and nurture the relationships around us before scratching someone off your list.  As my good friend Richard Rowe says, "Networking is farming. Not hunting."

Concentrate on growing your relationships rather than monetizing them and your sales yields will grow.

Oh yeah... Happy Thanksgiving! 


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What a great analogy of farming to hunting. Reading this helped define a lot for me Adam. Thanks!

Thanks, Art!

You're definitely one of the great ones!

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