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Do Young Professionals Understand the Economy, Do They Even Care?

Wall_street By many accounts we are currently dealing with an unprecedented economic situation. Do Young Professionals even care or have a clue about the economy? Do they even care?

The current young professionals demographic consist of two generations; the last half of the Generation X and the first of the Millennials, typically Xers tend to be more critical while Millennials are more optimistic, this manifest as YP's appearing either pessimistic or clueless. 

Unlike other disastrous situations affecting our country Young professionals understand how terrorism affects personal freedom at places like airports and shopping malls, etc. They understand how natural disasters like floods and hurricane affect us. They even understand the governments responsibility in protecting us in those situations. However, YPs struggle to understand the governments role in a free market economy.

When the government feels it needs to step in
, whether or not that is the best course of action or not, it sends a clear message to our young professionals that they need not care, because it is the governments responsibility, or that they should be pessimistic because the government wasn't doing what YP's believe was the governments job in the first place.

But YPs should care, Why because they are paying for it. The generation that is growing into the largest economic force in history with 80 million people, might be restricted in their economic freedoms by the economic actions they were not responsible for creating, that would make anyone pessimistic.


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Interesting way of approaching it Isaiah. I agree our demo should care more, but I am not sure it is from lack of understanding the situation, I think most of us get it. I think some of it comes from the culture that fails to look long term at the lasting affects of our actions. It comes from politicians that fail to look past their term limit, or buck, to ensure we are on the right path and not going bankrupt. Our demo just thinks this little issue will work itself out over time, everything else in our lives has.

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