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A few cures for blogging writer's block

2987926396_87eb3c3494_m Your blog requires commitment, maintenance and constant upkeep, or else it will grow stale and (worse yet) unnoticed. Here are a few tips to get you going when you encounter writer's block.

  1. Write a list about anything. This is probably the easiest "go-to" move for a blogger. A numbered list is easy for the writer to get up on the screen (one sentence or two each and move on) - and it's also easy on the readers' eyes. I'm writing a list right now!
  2. Review whatever book you're currently reading.  
  3. Spice up your blog with video content. It's cheap and easy to grab short snippets of video with a Flip Cam and embed the content in your blog. This makes your blog more dynamic, and suddenly you're showing instead of writing.
  4. Scan the headlines and start writing. It never hurts to be relevant and topical on your blog. Write about how the current economy is impacting your business.  
  5. Go out and interview someone. Make your post about other people, not just you.
  6. Meet an immediate need with a quick howto tutorial. For instance, lots of bloggers get writer's block - including myself - hence, this post was created.
That should be enough to get you started in a pinch, but just in case, here are over 100 more ideas to kick-start your blogging habits!

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This is very helpful. I've started blogging again, but can feel overwhelmed with what to write and where to write. Your points remind me to start out simple. Thanks for the advice.

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