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Why college students need LinkedIn profiles

This post is an open letter to college students of all ages: If you aren't on LinkedIn yet, get out there and set Blog up an account today. Here are a few reasons why:

  1. Previous employers, co-workers and professors can recommend you, and these recommendations are attached to your public profile/resume. How powerful is that? Potential employers can then check your references and follow up efficiently. 
  2. By posting your resume online, you're expanding your own "reach." Why limit yourself to a few pieces of paper buried under dozens of resumes in an HR office?  
  3. Employers will look you up online. It's better to have content waiting for them, instead of nothing at all.  
  4. Having a LinkedIn presence shows you're serious about getting hired. I'm always impressed by the college students who have taken the initiative to build out a LinkedIn profile, over their peers who haven't.  
  5. This also establishes that you know a little bit about social networks - knowledge that many employers are looking for right now. 
Also, don't be afraid to include the URL (web address) of your LinkedIn profile on your resume's contact information. Recent grads are entering a competitive market right now, so don't be afraid to set yourself apart, be exceptional and be awesome. 


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Great information Nathan. I started to think of all those people who set up Linkedin profiles, but never really put any work into reaching out or updating the profiles. Employers look at that information too and see someone who is not concerned about their personal brand. My message, make sure your profile is up-to-date or take it off, you aren't doing yourself any justice with a half-baked profile.

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