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Sell the Dream and You'll Find Success

The television show “The Biggest Loser” finale aired recently and millions watched as contestant after contestant weighed in with losses of 100, 200 pounds and more. Seeing where the participants began, you might wonder how some of them transformed from a person who could barely walk into someone who ran a marathon?
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The same theme kept popping up with each story – with the life-changing transformation of their weight loss, they could dream again. The contestants said repeatedly that gaining control of their lives and their health had enabled them to plan for their future again. “The Biggest Loser” wasn’t about losing weight to the 13 people on the stage; it was about a dream they had lost and wanted back. 

Though the show’s trainers had varying methods for motivating the contestants, they practiced the fundamental principle that every CEO who wants to lead their employees toward an insurmountable goal should: Sell the dream.  

According to Carmine Gallo’s guest blog on Drew’s Marketing Minute, “great leaders cultivate a sense of mission among their employees and customers.” Your company may have a product or service, but it’s the dream of what that product or service can do that will excite your employees and draw in customers. And when you have excited employees, you have the first step toward success.

Whether you are trying to lose weight for your health or inspire your employees to accomplish the unthinkable, start first by selling the dream.


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This article reminds me from the yesterdays i left behind. I was once failed from my business and now it was recovered because of the Disaster Recovery, and i found it very successful.

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