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Elbows off the table

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Mind your manners.

Now it may seem that having good manners is just common sense, but let's not take anything for granted. After all, we have manners, or maybe we should call them unwritten rules, which help make for a more stable office environment. As a young professional, are you following the "7 Tips to Help Young Professionals Fit In" as noted by the International Business Times CareerWise?

While all these tips are important, there were a few that stood out to me, such as, "Don't text!"

I know you are thinking, "OMG, did u really just say that?" While smartphones may bring many benefits, nothing will bother your boss more than walking into a meeting and laying that phone out on the table. Unplug for a few hours, roll your sleeves up and get to work!

And for those of you bringing your phone to the treadmill with you to work out... trust me, you're not that important. :)

Getting back to rolling up your sleeves, you should understand that it just isn't fair. In the real world, you are only as valuable as the work you produce. While many young professionals still look for that nod of approval, believe me, there is no report card with a star on it that you can bring home and show your mom anymore. Take your "good work," if you even get that, and get back to it!

But let's finish up on a positive note. Continue to dress to impress because many of us actually do. While office codes have become more and more lax in terms of appropriate dress, I actually see many young professionals looking to turn business casual back into business professional. It doesn't hurt to be the best dressed in the office, so keep putting that tie on.

There may be a generation gap in terms of what are acceptable manners, but as young professionals we are the ones who need to come forward and bridge that gap. After all, no matter how much time passes, your mom will still be telling you to keep your elbows off the table.

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I completely agree about phones at meetings. But I've actually experienced mid-level and top-level managers doing this more often than my counterparts (aka young professionals). Which sends a fairly negative message about our value to the company and our presence at a meeting.

And a sidenote, I do take my phone to the gym, but it's simply because I have a great free workout app that I use for my weight lifting regiment.

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