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A Healthy Twist for Your To-Do List

It’s 2 a.m. You are jolted awake by the stark revelation that tomorrow is, in fact, Tuesday and your half-finished report is due in eight hours.

Ever experienced this?

Lists are an effective way to eliminate the stressful uncertainty of tomorrow. A daily to-do list can be the difference between getting a few things done and leaving your desk a clean slate.   To Do List Twist 2-11-11

A simple way to infuse the day with a healthy slant is to add a health-related task to your daily list. For example, your list may say, "Deliver report at 10 a.m." Your next item could be "Take the stairs instead of the elevator." Just add one healthy item to your daily list; by the end of the year you’ll have done 365 healthy things for yourself. 

Lists are a great way for individuals to simplify their lives and make tremendous improvements to their health. When it comes to everyday health tips, things like taking vitamins, drinking water, eating an apple a day and sleeping more come to mind, but adding a little something extra or unusual will help keep you engaged.  Odd, easy little exercises like "balance on one foot while brushing teeth" or "take the long route between meetings" can enliven your list and invigorate your body and mood.

The typical soccer parent has to make meals, pick up the kids, run errands, et cetera. But by adding "walk around the park during the kids’ practice," that person is also taking strides toward a healthier life.  Business leaders are busy with building and leading their teams, planning for the future, growing their organizations. Adding to that list something as simple as "go to bed by midnight" could do wonders to a leader's next-day productivity and energy levels.

Whatever it is you do, make your health a bullet point on your list.

So tonight before you go to bed, make your list. After you’ve covered work responsibilities and chores, make sure to add a healthy task. Not only will you sleep better without the unorganized chaos swirling in your dreams, but you could be "365 times healthier" by the end of the year.


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Being a big list-maker, this is a great idea. I always get a kick out of crossing things off, and this would be an easy way to get one more thing to cross off. Thanks for the tip!

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