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Can I feel your joy?

SWAirlinesLet's face it -- we'd prefer to do business with people who are happy doing the work they do. Whether it's the shoeshine guy who whistles while he works, or the accountant who gets giddy at the idea of saving you some money on your taxes -- people who love their work are more enjoyable to work with.

I was flying home this week after a conference and walked by this Southwest Airlines gate. Who wouldn't want to fly with them?

So ask yourself a few questions to see if you exude that kind of passion for your profession:

  1. Do you love what you do?
  2. Do you love who you do it for?
  3. Do they love what you do? (it's a two way street)
  4. Do you show your clients that you're enjoying your work?
  5. Do they know (how do you know they know?) you're excited to help them?

If you answered no to the first two questions -- you need to do some soul searching. Life is short.

If you answered no to the third question -- maybe it's time to re-think how you are earning new customers.

If you answered no to 4 or 5 -- do something about it. Let them feel your love and enthusiasm. I promise you, it's contagious.

~ Drew

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What a welcome for its customers! The only thing that would've made that better is a Valentine for each flyer. This is another reason landing Southwest was a coup for the Des Moines airport.

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