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Your brand should help you say "no" more often

Buttonsred_whiteImagine being able to cherry pick only the best clients. It would be like sifting through a box of options and selecting the exact right fit. You get to by-pass the almost right choices and the "no way" offerings -- all in pursuit of the perfect fit.

That's what branding does for your company. You get to walk away from business. The wrong kinds of business. The wrong kinds of clients. The wrong kind of growth.

When your brand is focused and strong, you are boldly saying exactly what you're about and by default...what you are not about.

It's the most powerful and valuable aspect of branding, but it's also why most companies choose a superficial brand -- they're afraid of leaving money on the table. They don't have enough confidence to let the "almost good fit" prospects go.

As a business owner, I get keeping your eye on the bottom line and it's every business' responsibility to be profitable. But the way to maximize those profits is to stay in your sweet spot. Customers who don't align with your brand may bring you a short term gain but in the long run, they'll cost you every time.

If you tie up your resources, energy, staff and systems to trying to please someone that you ultimately cannot delight -- you don't have those assets to offer the exact right fit customers when they come along.

On the flip side, if you say no to the wrong fit customers -- pretty soon the right fit customers will begin to tell others about you and you'll just keep attracting more and more of your very best customers.

But you need to be willing to say no to the wrong customers, to make room for the right ones.

Are you brave enough to say no?


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