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Who is the average QR code user? You might be surprised!

Screen shot 2012-08-11 at 11.48.26 PMIn the second quarter of 2012, there were more than 16 million mobile barcodes scanned according to a new report from Scanbuy.

Among mobile barcode scanners, exactly half were aged 35 or older in Q2, representing a 22% increase from 41% share of scanners in Q1 and a 28% increase from 39% in Q4 2011. While an almost equal number (26%) of barcode scanners were aged 25-34 in Q2, this represents a big drop from 35% in Q1.

All the older age groups (35-44, 45-54 and 55+) showed an increase.

When it comes to gender, the people scanning the codes are still predominantly male. In Q2 it was 69% and in Q1 it was 68%. According to survey results released in February 2012 by BrandSpark International, in association with Better Homes and Gardens, although men and women report equal awareness of QR codes (77%), men who are aware of them are 75% more likely than women to have used one (28% vs. 16%) to access product information.

QR codes continue to grow in popularity and they might be perfect for your next effort.  Consider using one if you want to:

Enhance the user's experience: Many tech savvy museums, tourist locations, art galleries and other tours use QR codes to add audio commentary and video enhancements to their displays.

Digital notebook: Your customers are used to using their phone to record data they want to remember.  Why not let them trigger an email or reminder with a quick scan.

Let them grab some extra perks: Whether it's a free music download or some other digital asset, a QR code is an easy way to deliver some extras to your best or most frequent customers.

Provide real time data: Wait times at bus stops or other constantly changing data can be easily communicated through a quick QR scan.

But which are the most effective? According to the data from ScanLife’s “Mobile Barcode Trend Report Q2 2012,″ the top 5 marketer campaigns that generated the most scans were: contest; loyalty program; social media; app download; and video. 

No matter why you use a QR code, be sure the destination is optimized for mobile devices.  There's nothing worse than scanning a code only to be taken to a desktop site that doesn't present itself well on your smart phone.


~ Drew 

About the Data: The data in the Scanbuy report was pulled from the ScanLife Reporting Platform. It represents traffic from both 2D (QR) Codes and UPC barcodes. The 2D Codes scanned may have been generated on the ScanLife Platform or from 3rd party generators. The 2D barcode scanning traffic may come from either the ScanLife app or 3rd party apps.



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