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Are you building your "friend of mine" awareness?

Screen shot 2012-10-14 at 1.25.23 PMLast week, I was a speaker at the BOLO conference, which is a conference that focuses on helping agencies wrap their heads and hearts around all things digital.

It was a fascinating few days and one of the perks of being a speaker is that I got to listen to all of the other speakers.

One of the most thought-provoking was my friend Jay Baer, from Convince and Convert. Jay's presentation was sort of a mini preview of the book he's in the middle of writing on the power of  a phrase he coined -- Youtility.

If you've attended any of the MMG social media workshops or talks we've given over the last couple years -- you will recognize a common theme in Jay's thinking. We could not agree more!

Jay's core point was that as our personal and professional lives intertwine through social networks and our on and offline connections -- word of mouth becomes the new currency for buying market share. Jay suggested that we need to all have a strategy in place to move from top of mind awareness to what he calls "friend of mine" awareness.

Jay shared some great facts/stats that showed how "friend of mine awareness" is built on these truths:

  • Our personal and professional lives are now woven together
  • We are more distrustful of marketing spin than ever before
  • We have lots of tools/tricks for tuning out advertising if we want to
  • We now access 10.4 pieces of information before we make a buying decision
  • We talk to a real person as a last resort (60% of a B2B buying decision is made by the time a sales rep is contacted)
  • We act on the word of our "friends," be they people we've met or people we're just connected to online

I think it's time for you to look at your marketing plan. Which tactics help you connect to and share information (useful info… not sales info) with potential buyers?

If you can't rattle off a pretty good list, it sounds like it is time to revisit that marketing plan and start building in elements that will take you from top of mind to friend of mine status.


~ Drew


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