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Marketing = purposeful story telling

No one is drawn to boring marketing. That seems pretty easy to wrap our arms around. But what makes for interesting marketing that consumers (B2B and B2C) would choose to listen to and act upon?

Everyone from Forbes to Seth Godin has been telling us so often that they've created a buzzword status for the idea of storytelling. And you'll get no argument from me. We need to tell stories to:

  • Capture interest
  • Communicate our expertise and offerings
  • Create a sense of "they could help me" confidence
  • Move someone to act

The trick is understanding what kinds of stories to tell (hint: they should be all about you!), how to tell them and where to tell them. 

The first step is to appreciate the value of story telling.  Check out this infographic on the power of stories. (click it to see it full-sized)




In my next blog post -- we'll take a look at how and where to tell stories.  So stay tuned!


~ Drew


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