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Don't let December pass you by

SnowmanIt's officially here. The holiday season. It's an odd 30 days. On the one hand, you're busy wrapping up the year. On the other, your head and heart are thinking family, shopping, spiked egg nog, snowflakes and the company party.

It's easy to get so distracted by the holidays that in a blink -- it's January 2nd and the last 30 days was just a blur of less than productive efforts.

Don't let December get the best of you. No matter how busy the last month of the year is your for business, you can get some big marketing projects both started and finished before the big ball drops in Time Square.

I wrote a post about the 5 Marketing To Dos to get done before 2013 and I want to elaborate on one of them here.

The 3rd item on that To Do list was:

Call it quits: Look back over the past 12-24 months. What’s the one marketing tactic that you have really dedicated yourself to but it just hasn’t caught on fire. This has to be something that you feel you really implemented well, thoroughly and can’t imagine what you could have done better. If you can say that and it’s not delivering results — it’s time to let it go. Make December 2012 the last time you invest in it.

It's so easy to keep doing something. Especially if you think it should work but it isn't yet. Or you've been doing it long enough that it's just habit. But that doesn't mean it's a good use of your resources. 

December is a great time to really be honest with yourself and your team. Be brutal as you go through your 2012 marketing efforts and prune those efforts that haven't panned out. But here's the criteria you should use to decide if it's time to shuttle the effort.

  1. You've been doing it for at least 12 months
  2. You're confident that you've done it well (best practices and all that)
  3. There is no change in your business, industry trend etc. that suggests this tactic would be significantly more successful in 2013
  4. It's not tied to other tactics that are working (you're not pulling the proverbial thread that unravels the sweater)

I hope you'll check out the 5 To Dos post and tackle all 5. But if you can only make time for one -- it's time to call it quits.

~ Drew



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