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Tax stakes for entrepreneurs next Tuesday

When entrepreneurs cast their votes next Tuesday, they will be choosing between presidential candidates with very different approaches to tax policy. 

President Obama has made increasing taxes on incomes over $200,000 the centerpiece of his tax policy. He would allow the Bush-era tax cuts, which he has extended though his first term, to finally expire. This would raise the top rate of income tax to 39.6%. The 3.8% "Obamacare" tax on investment income and other provisions he supports would increase the top marginal tax rate to more than 44%. The 3.8% tax, scheduled to take effect for 2013, would also apply to interest, dividends, and many capital gains. It would not apply to business income when the taxpayer "materially participates" in the business.

Mitt Romney's tax plan is built around a 20% across-the-board individual tax rate cut, to be paid for by a eliminated deductions and tax breaks. He would also repeal the 3.8% investment income tax. 

These individual rates are important to entrepreneurs because most business are now organized as "pass-throughs" -- typically as S corporations or LLCs taxed as partnerships. Income of pass-through businesses is taxed on their owners' 1040s, so the top individual rate is also the top rate on business income. The Romney approach, with its 28% top rate, takes the tax law in a very different direction than the Obama 44%+ top rate.

How much does the top rate matter?  Quite a bit. A lot of business income is taxed on 1040s showing over $200,000 in business income, as this chart from the Tax Foundation shows:


The two candidates are closer in their approach to corporate income taxes. Both support a reduction in the top corporation rate -- Romney to 25% and Obama to 28%. 

The Tax Policy Center has posted excellent summaries of the two candidates tax plans:

What is Mitt Romney’s Tax Plan?

What Is Barack Obama’s Tax Plan?

Happy voting!

-Joe Kristan


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