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Hello from Katie Stocking: An admitted social media addict

Hi, my name is Katie Stocking and I’m a social media addict. Now that we’ve got that out in Katie Stocking the open please let me introduce myself further. I’m the founder/owner of Happy Medium, an interactive agency in Des Moines. What does “interactive” mean? In broad terms it basically means we do anything that has to do with advertising digitally including building websites, SEO, SEM, online ads and social media management. I started Happy Medium in February 2011 as a traditional advertising agency and quickly saw a gap for clients trying to transition their businesses to be more digitally focused. So, we switched our focus and have been fanatics ever since.

In my blog I’ll be focusing mostly on everything relating to social media. There is so much information available for social media, whether you’re using it for personal use or business purposes. My goal is to help guide you through everything from the basics to the more cumbersome tips and tricks.

I plan to discuss all the types of social media here – even fill you in on new and up and coming platforms. However, if you’re feeling overwhelmed with social media, my best tip for you is to choose one or two platforms and just work on those for now. Go ahead and claim your name or company on other platforms, but as far as updating goes, just focus on one or two to get started. Not every social media is a good fit for every person or brand. My company has them all, but that’s because it’s literally what we do for a living. When it comes to recommendations we make to clients, we manage their social media for, we do research and have multiple discussions to decide which platforms we’re going to focus on.

I’m very excited to be on board with IowaBiz and can’t wait to jump in to help you make social media work for you.

-- katie


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Great first blog, Katie!

We're watching social media carefully; it's great to have this asset in Des Moines.

Looking forward to future updates!

Looking forward to learning more!

Wonderful post, can't wait for the next one!
Great photo too.

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