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Facebook rules to live by

…(or at least until they change them again!)

Just reading the title you’re probably thinking, “Facebook…there are no rules!” Sadly, that isn’t true and even our dear friend Facebook has rules. If you’re running a business page, listen up! There are rules and they are important.

Lets start with a basic. If you’re running a business page and the option is to  “add friend” for someone to connect with your page, you need to switch it over to an actual business page. I promise it won’t hurt as much as you may think. It will be a good thing. You will look more professional and the last thing you want is Facebook to shut down your page completely and lose all the momentum of friends you’ve gained. Switch it to a business page and you won’t have to worry a bit!

Now that you have your business page, you’ll want to get your cover photo uploaded. Facebook has a rule that a cover photo can only have 20% text covering the photo. Your cover photo is also viewable to the public even before someone likes your page.

A major problem right now is Facebook contesting. I know it seems like “just Facebook” shenanigans, but contesting on Facebook (to any extent) does fall under your state’s gambling laws. You can read about every detail here: https://www.facebook.com/page_guidelines.php.

To sum it up though, you need to use an app to run a Facebook contest. Facebook provides a contesting app you can use or there are hundreds of other 3rd party app options out there. These will take care of most of what Facebook requires. (i.e. giving permission and disclaimers). I see businesses every day running contests where they require people to comment on a status to be entered to win, also illegal. It is obviously vital to adhere to these rules, because again the last thing you want is your page shut down by the Facebook gods…forever, or in this case to be against your state gambling laws! (yikes!)

These are just a few of the rules Facebook has that you should be thinking about.  If you have any questions about the rules you can feel free to tweet me @interactivekate or “follow me” on Facebook: facebook.com/interactivekate – I’m happy to help how I can!



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if you have a business page today - and are thinking about changing your name, brand, etc....is there an easy way to update the page and change the name (so that you don't lose the 1,000 friends that you have today??)

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