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Social media: Keep it live!

Katie Stocking is the owner of Happy Medium LLC.

The Happy Medium team is sponsoring the social media for Winefest this year. So what does that mean? It means during the times in between Winefest events, we’re helping out with the tweets, Facebook posts, and Instagrams. Even more so though, it means our team is at each event doing “live” social media. It’s really important to keep your social media not only fresh, but also rich with content. It’s much more exciting for people to see what is happening right now, rather than posting a photo album a week after an event has already taken place.

Social media is much like regular news, (that’s why they call it the “Newsfeed” right?!)

The activities you host, participate in and do in or out of your office are what make your business unique - so why not tell people about it? Just because something might be a “normal” everyday occurrence for you doesn’t mean everyone else won’t think it’s interesting. Even if it’s just something in your daily work life, on social media it doesn’t hurt to let your audience in on the happenings of everything you do. It will really help them connect with your brand and understand who you are as a company. It will probably even let them know about things you do that they didn’t know about and services you offer without you just saying it in a straightforward way.

For Winefest as an example, the engagement from doing social media “live” from events also happens outside of the pages themselves. We often take pictures of people and tell them to find us on our different platforms. If they know they are going to find themselves there, they’re much more likely to check it out and start following and even interacting with your brand, and isn’t that the goal?

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