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Consistency isn't optional

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Drew McLellan is the owner of McLellan Marketing Group

Think of some of the most famous and recognizable advertising marks. How about McDonald’s golden arches? Or Coca Cola’s logo.

Now, imagine for a minute how the golden arches would look if they were blue. Or the Coke logo on a green can. (This blue M outside a McDonald's is in Sedona, AZ)

It’s just wrong, isn’t it?

Companies invest a significant amount of money and effort into creating a brand. A big part of brand awareness and recognition is the visual cues, like color.

If McDonalds and Coke don’t mess with theirs, why in the world would you ever consider changing your logo colors on a whim? Or use different fonts every time you communicate with your key audiences?

And yet businesses and nonprofits do it all the time. If you're guilty -- stop.

Next time you get bored with the look of your company’s identity, put a can of Coke on your desk, or drive by those golden arches.

Then, just leave everything be. Every single time!

~ Drew McLellan, Top Dog at McLellan Marketing Group


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