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Open book management

Victor Aspengren is a vice president at Prairie Capital Advisors Inc.

I just attended the 21st Annual Gathering of Games conference in St. Louis this week, and it was another incredible experience. The conference is conducted by the Great Game of Business, a division of SRC Holdings out of Springfield, MO, an ESOP company.

This entire conference is centered on open book management, and the attendees are practicing it or looking at starting the open book process. They come from all industries -- healthcare, manufacturing, engineering, health & fitness, food, agriculture, printing, etc...

When I discuss this topic with business owners and managers, many of them think the idea is crazy or that the employees will not understand the financial information shared. One can argue that it will not work, but after hearing the stories of success from this conference, the past 10 that I have attended, and the fact that I have lived the open book management implementation process, there is not an argument that holds water.

I encourage you to explore the open book management concept at www.greatgame.com  This is truly a game where everyone can win!

-Victor Aspengren


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