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How will you say thanks?


Drew McLellan is the Top Dog at McLellan Marketing Group

I just saw a meme on Facebook that said there were eight or nine Saturdays until Christmas. Yikes. It's hard to believe the holiday season is practically on top of us.

In the business world, the holiday season means client gift giving season. Most businesses start thinking about this honored tradition around December 1 -- when it's too late to get creative or do something special.

But it's only October 15th. You have a choice.  

Are you going to resort to the expected -- you know, a poinsetta, or a basket of fresh fruit or maybe some chocolates, or are you going to do something memorable that would stand out from all the other fruit baskets, chocolates and plants?

Don't get me wrong -- if you've been sending poinsettas for 20 years, you should keep doing it. Now, it's part of your brand's DNA and your client's expectations. There's nothing wrong with a more traditional gift, if it fits your brand. My point is -- actually give it some thought.

This isn't about the cost or the extravagence -- it's really about being memorable. What could you give your clients that would make them stop and take notice. What would capture the spirit of your relationship and the work you do together? What would tell them that you truly appreciate the opportunity to work with them?

The perfect gift could be anything from a charitable donation to a self-published book to anything in between. You'll know it when you think of it.

And that's my suggestion. Take the time to think of it.

~ Drew, MMG's Top Dog




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Thanks for the reminder. I wait til the last minute instead of making each gift personal and special.


And because of the creative nature of your firm and your own personality -- I am betting people expect you to come up with something creative and fun.

That's a lot of pressure!


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