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Does anyone know my hosting information?

Katie Stocking is the owner of Happy Medium LLC.

Sometimes clients can be pretty predictable – most of them, actually. At Happy Medium, when we begin a website project for a client, one of the first pieces of information we ask for is their current hosting information (site, logins etc…) Pretty much every time, the answer from the client is “can I get back to you?” Aka… I have no idea and I don’t honestly even know where to begin to find out. It’s really simple to not know actually. To be honest, I couldn’t tell you much about the itsahappymedium.com site hosting information either. What I can tell you, though, is where our password sheet is, and I know the information is on there.

It is really important to keep your website login and your hosting information in a place where it is easily accessible for a lot of reasons. Hopefully you’re using that website login (or someone is) to log into your site often and keep it up to date. (yes, checking your site weekly is important!)

If you own a company, or are in any way responsible for your company's website, I would suggest filling out this form today and posting it somewhere visible to anyone who might need it. Otherwise, it will be the year 2017, you’ll be ready for a new website and you’ll be wondering where the heck that email from 2014 from Hostgator is with your hosting login information. When you realize you don’t have it, you’ll get to spend quite a bit of time on the phone with someone you don’t know trying to get to the bottom of this mess. Or, you could just print and fill this out, post it and get to go to a happy hour instead when the time comes.

Good luck! 

-- @interactivekate


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I can see your point. Make sure that you have access to your website info when needed. But it is a very bad idea to post the information as you suggest to be visible to anyone who needs it. It's likely to be seen by someone that doesn't and would be a nightmare for you when they take over your site and change your password so you can't fix the issue.

Instead you should be using a tool to encrypt your passwords and store them in a secure location rather than posting them on a paper sheet. http://lifehacker.com/5529133/five-best-password-managers

More important is to have a secure password itself and change it frequently. Instead of writing it down and forgetting about it you should be actively managing your passwords so they are not lost and forgotten, or exposed to someone who shouldn't have it.

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