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Are You On Empty?

Gas We recently purchased a new vehicle and I've been having fun with some of the gadgets. 

One of my favorites is a counter that ticks downwards as you drive. It tells you how many more miles you can go before you run out of gas.  I just love that. 


Well... I tend to be one of those people who goes and goes until I'm almost on empty. 

Now... I know that as Coach... I probably shouldn't admit that.  But... it's just in my nature.  I'm getting better... but as a recovering perfectionist... it's something I have to work on daily.  How about you?  Can you identify?

As I was driving the other day... watching the miles tick away... I started to wonder, "what if we had one of those "tickers" internally?"  You know... something we could watch to see if we're almost on empty... emotionally... physically... mentally.

The more I thought about it... the more I realized we do.  Okay... we might not have a digital ticker thingy... but we do have warning signs.  Right?

What are some of yours? 

For me... you can tell that I'm close to empty when my creativity starts to dry up.  It's also when I'm quicker to see the obsticles instead of the opportunties.  Another clue is when I'm quicker to get mad at a situation (or myself) instead of laugh. 

When I start to see those warning signs... I know that it's time to stop and fill up. (Next week... we're going to talk about how to fill up.)

This week... I'm just going to ask you how you know your tank is getting empty?  What are some of your signs?

I know... I know... this might seem like kind of a negative question.  But... it's important to think about it.  I'd even suggest you journal about it.  That way... when you start to see the "signs," you'll know to slow it down... and fill 'er up.

So... what are some of your signals that your tank's getting low?

Oh... and if you can't wait until next week for some suggestions on filling up... check out this great post at lifehack.org.  (Click here to check it out.)


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