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Git'r done!

Larrycg_2 OK, I have a confession to make:  I'm really not all that much of a Larry the Cable Guy fan.  Don't get me wrong; I don't dislike him either.  And I can hang with the blue-collar-red-neck crowd as well as the next guy.  The thing I really, really do like about Larry is his catch phrase:  "Git'r done!"  When people ask me what my company name (Carpe Factum) means, I tell them that it's Latin for "Git'r done!"  Ok, that's not entirely true.  It means "seize the accomplishment," but the sentiment is still there.

Which brings me to why I'm a member of this group:  I love to "geek out" on project management.  I hang out with project managers.  We talk about Gantt charts.  We gush over the latest add-on to Microsoft Project.  We discuss best practices for status reports.  We groan about our latest project challenges.  But most of all, we share an intense passion just to "git-r done!"

There's one big "wait just a cotton-pickin' goll-darn minute" caveat to throw into the mix.  I like "git'r done" with a purpose.  I never recommend a tool to anybody unless there's a really good reason to use it, regardless of the size of the company.  And my clients have ranged from the really large companies to the itty-bitty teeny-tiny companies.  Regardless of the size of company, everybody wants to accomplish a goal.  As Tom Peters once said, "All white collar work is project work."  I'd add that a lot of "blue collar" work is project work, too.  So if you are worried that I'm going to start writing dissertations on earned value calculations, just put that one to bed right now.  It won't happen.  What I will do is help you identify how you can "git'r done" better than you are right now.

And knowing your task list and everything that needs to get done, isn't that better than any Larry the Cable Guy special that's on television?


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