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"I'm 42 and I'm still not sure what I want to be when I grow up!"

I recently had a business owner say this in a coaching session. 

JournalShe continued, "I don't know. I used to really enjoy what I do... but now... well... it's just not fun anymore.  I'm thinking that I need to make a change.  I'm just not sure it's what I want to do anymore."

Can you relate?  Maybe you used to love what you do... and now... well... now it's just a "job."  Maybe you're even feeling the "itch" to make a change.

Well... if you can identify... you might benefit from the same homework I gave my coaching client. 

My assignment: Write down your "fun list."

You might be saying, "What's a fun list?"  Well... my coaching client asked the same question.

There are 4 simple steps to the "fun list" assignment.

  1. Grab a journal to write in.  (My coaching client chose a $8 journal from Borders.)
  2. Go some place where your mojo really flows.  You know... a place where you can really relax... feel good and not be interrupted.(My coaching client chose her favorite coffee shop.)
  3. Write down 100 things that you love to do. 
    • Think about it... if it brings you joy... write it down. 
    • If it's fun... write it down. 
    • Don't filter.  Don't judge.  Just write 'em down.
    • NOTE: Anything is fair game.  I've seen "burping" show up on these lists.  I've seen "Eating Ben and Jerry's at 2 AM" on the list.  Again... don't filter... just write down whatever comes to mind.
  4. Stay there... until you're done.
    • NOTE: This might be tough... but it's worth it. 

To some... this might seem trivial, but my client tried it and we wound up uncovering some things that changed the way she lived.  But... I don't want to go there yet.  We'll talk about those discoveries soon.

Are you up to the challenge?  What would be on your list?  Take some time.  Write down your 100. 

It's fun... and whether you're 20, 30, 50 or 80... it might help you to figure out what you want to do when you grow up!

Oh... and in the meantime... comment and let us know a couple of the things on your list!

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Excellent advice! My list includes: golf, fishing, hunting, watching the Cardinals and pretending like I still know how to work out.

Oh... and my cell phone is turned off during all of them.

Great advice... and I've used a lot of these tips in the past so I know that they really do work. For me, the "mojo flows" best in our sun room - it's the one place where I really feel at home.

Tapping into your passion is critical for finding direction.

Awesome post!

My list includes; Listening to Buffett, hanging out in the back yard with my family, drinking a REALLY GREAT bottle of CAB, meeting new and fascinating people and listening to the Cubs on the radio!

Do you suppose I could get paid for that???

I used to keep a journal until carpal tunnel made it too difficult to write long-hand frequently. Circumstances prevent use of a lap top. Now I do a lot of mental journals during quiet times, but I miss the ability to document and re-read them. Wish you had a solution for that.

Hey everybody... thanks for the great ideas and the lists of good stuff.

Corin... I'm sorry about the carpal tunnel. That stinks! Have you thought about a digital recorder? I know they can store 10+ hours of recordings... and that would give you some time.

Maybe somebody else could transcribe them for you every so often.

I'd just hate all of those good ideas to get lost or forgotten! I'm sure there are a ton of pearls in there!

Give it some thought. It might be an option!

Thanks for checking in!

One of my favorite books is The New Retirementality by Mitch Anthony. I think you (and your client) would enjoy it. Look it up on Amazon. It is only a $12.21 investment!

It occurs to me, Mitch, that making this list is probably helpful for all aspects of life. Oh, sure, I see the benefit when it comes to something we do upwards of 8 hours a day, but it's transferability is unlimited. eg: things I keep for no apparent reason; books, movies, I want to read/see; blogs I want to read . . .

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