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Jim Carrey's dream

Check The story goes that before Jim Carrey was famous, he walked up to the Hollywood Hills and wrote a check to himself for ten million dollars. On the memo line, he wrote, "For Services Rendered." For years he carried that check in his wallet, pulling it out occasionally to keep his dream clearly visible in his mind. Now he's one of the highest-paid entertainers in the industry, getting well over twenty million dollars for just one film. What role do you think that check played in his success?

Have you heard the stats about how fewer than 3 percent of people have clear, written goals? And how they are usually the most successful in every field? Supposedly less than one percent of people write, rewrite and review their goals on a regular basis.

It's been my experience, as an executive coach for lots of very competent people, that there's something almost magical that happens when someone writes something down. With an ink pen - a pencil - a keyboard. Once like Jim Carrey or over and over again every morning as an affirmation. Doesn't matter. What matters is getting down what you want to do or achieve. The very act of putting it down puts something, somewhere, into motion. I can't explain it but things start to come together to make that goal or dream a reality. It's like by writing it down, we declare ourselves in the game.

I've seen executives achieve incredible goals. And it all started by capturing those goals  in writing. A picture might be worth a thousand words. But a written goal -priceless.


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The importance of written goals cannot be underestimated. It helps you stay focused. I enjoyed the post.


Enjoyed both posts. (Jim Carrey showed Oprah Winfrey & audience the check - for one million dollars - that he still carries in his wallet.)
I don't seem to be successful in the goal writing (or rather reviewing them is too discouraging!) None of my top goals have anything to do with business; yet it is the time & energy I expend in my job that leaves me too drained to focus on the personal goals. Any suggestions?

Thanks for the affirmation that goals are critical for focusing and achieving what one wants out of life, either personally or professionally. I couldn't function without them.

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