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Fill up the tank...

A few weeks ago I asked you to think about what makes you run out of gas. 

You know... what wears you out... what dries you up... what makes you poop out? 

Okay... you've got the picture.  (check out the post.)

Now that you have some things in mind... I'm going to ask a different question. 

What fills you up?

Seriously... think about it.  If you're worn down... what do you do? 

When your mental... spiritual... emotional... tank is on "E" and your internal warning light's blinking... what do you do to fill back up?

Does anything come to mind?

Maybe you escape by listening to some of your favorite music.  Maybe its reading from a favorite book.  Maybe you journal.  Maybe it's time with your favorite people.

Heck... maybe you play a video game. Yes... I even said video games.  (Read a post from SHARP BRAINS about how aging Japanese are using video games to re-energize!)

What is it for you?

I have a friend who swears by what he calls "encouragement calls." 

When he starts to get a little down... or if he's feeling the need for some mental juice or encouragement... he just calls somebody else to pump them up. 

He explains that he'll call and leave a voice mail to let that person know how great they are... or to remind them of something they've done that's made an impact on his life.

Full_tank He's told me that it seems like reverse logic to give away what you need.  But... he says it always comes back to him... seven fold. 

Plus... he's shared the strategy with a number of people... and they've started to do the same thing. 

Now... people have started to call him with an "encouragement call" out of the blue... and he said... "they usually come at just the perfect time."

How about you? 

What do you do to fill up? 

What do you do to re-energize?  Go ahead and comment... and let us know.

Oh... why not try out an "encouragement call?"  Let us know how it goes.


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