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Let them discover how good you are

Discover About a week ago, I wrote a review for How to Talk to Customers.  The book is an excellent resource with practical tips and exercises on how to enhance your customers' experience with your company.

This book is well worth the read.  I'd be stunned if you didn't make at least a couple changes in your organization after finishing it.

Here are some additional benefits from this book.

You can take a quick test to assess your organization's service culture.

Tom Larkin, one of the authors, along with Wells Fargo's manager of learning and development Jason Checketts will be offering a FREE webinar on May 15th and 17th.

They also have an extensive library of articles on customer service.

Not only did I want to alert you to this book and these other free tools, but more important, I want to suggest that you can and should employ the same marketing tactic. 

The author's company, Communico Ltd. sells customer service training. To hire them, you need to be reassured of their expertise.  They could tell you how brilliant  they are. Or they could let you benefit from tidbits of their expertise. Which will let you discover for yourself how good they are.

Which scenario is more likely to inspire you to buy?  How could you let your prospects discover how good you are?  How could you do it in a way that inspires them to tell their friends and peers?


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