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What's on your "fun list?"

Okay... so... did you take the challenge from last week?  What was on your list? 

Grow_up_3Where you surprised by anything?  Did it make you think about things you hadn't thought about doing for a while?  Did you run out and do something on your list that you hadn't done for a while?  (I hope so!)

Now... you might be wondering how the "fun list" helped my client who was thinking about a career change... and wondering what she wanted to do with her life.

Well, first of all... it's just a fun thing to do.  (Sometimes... that's enough.)

But second... we dug into her list.

One of the things that came up was that she loved to do puzzles. 

When I asked her about it... she said that she had loved to do puzzles since she was a little kid.  She said she used to spend hours on puzzles.

Then... it hit her.  Puzzles were the reason why she'd gotten into computer programing.  She explained that she loved figuring out the puzzle of fixing or improving a program. 

She said... "I loved to dig in... and you know... solve the puzzle."

As we explored that... she realized that over the past 2 years... she had started to move away from programing... and more into managing people and projects.  And... we noted that neither of those things (managing people or projects) were on her fun list.

So... we started to brainstorm on how she might be able to get back to solving puzzles more... at work. 

Over time, she was able to take on more projects where she could get involved with the actual programing.  This allowed her to get back to what she loved.

Yes... she continued to manage people and projects... but since she had more of her "fun list" and puzzles in her daily life... she got back to the heart of what she loved doing.

Her performance improved... and she stayed in her position.

It was a small shift.  But... it helped to change everything for her.

Lastly... she also made the commitment to do something from "fun list" weekly.  AND... she commited to adding to her fun list often.

How about you? What's on your list? 

More importantly... how might you infuse your daily life with more of those things?  How might that impact the way you live... work... and relate with others?

Give it a try... and let us know what happens.

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