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Who Do You Trust? - Part 2

56295840_e7a16faaa3_m_2You know the story - it is either the CEO, senior managers, middle managers, direct supervisors, or influencer's in the organization that just do not get it.  They ask you to trust them and the organization.  Consistent experiences of trust across this power group will lead to high levels of organizational trust.  When there is high organizational trust, companies will have a higher level of success in changing culture, implementing participation, fostering innovation, and dealing with failure.

Does this mean that those who do not have power do not have to worry about trust?  No- you must be a part of consistent trust.  It completes the cycle and creates a positive forward motion.  Yes, those with power have a higher responsibility to build trust, but everyone has responsibility for organizational trust.  You can not alienate yourself from organizational trust since you are a part of the organization.

High organizational trust will not eliminate conflict, hard decisions, job loss, lack of profits or low stock value.  It will set a strong foundation that allows the organization and individuals to not loose face during difficult times.  Trust allows respect to continue and the opportunity to heal damaged emotions.

So who do you trust in your organization?  The answer to this question will tell the tale of your organizations ability to adapt and prosper in todays business world.  If you only have a few names on the list, your organization has a lot of work to do.

Please remember that organizational trust starts with individual trust, so ask yourself, "Do people trust me?"  This one is totally under your control.  It is really easy to point the finger at others, but point it at yourself first and make sure your own house is in order.


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