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Don't Just Show the Video - Share the Video

A lot of companies are looking at the rising power of video and jumping on...something. Hardly the bandwagon, but more Iowa businesses are starting to produce video content.

Last month, I shared a video on understanding RSS feeds by CommonCraft. The numbers tell the success story. Over 80,000 views; 9 translations; close to 700 links.

This month, they've shared a video on understanding Wikis. Notice what they do here:

  • Produce a short video
  • Upload it to thrid-party video sites (Blip.tv, YouTube, dotSub)
  • Encourage  content producers (mainstream media, bloggers, everyone who has a connection) to share the video on their own site

That third step is where a lot of small businesses fall short.  The mentality of  "come to my site"  for the content is limited thinking. Don't just show the video - share the video. That's how things go viral.

Becky McCray at SmallBiz Survival has a great DIY on video publishing on the web (and here's a recent SmallBiz Video sample).

Other Resources:
- Why UStream will Change Mainstream
- Video Communities: YouTube | Google Video | BlipTV | Revver | dotSub


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Hey Mike, thanks for the kind words. One note I might add about sharing the video widely - make sure your brand is integrated into the video by providing a link to the site at the end (at least).

Hi Lee - thanks for another great video. You're making my job a lot easier and helping many business folks understand the tools.

Great tip about a brand or watermark on the video (or at least at the end). Same goes for any documents on SlideShare or Scribd.

Keep up the great effort!

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