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Your customers' prized possession? Their time.

Watch So spend it wisely.

I got a packet today, from someone who is trying to sell me a service that I'm probably interested in.  We'll call me a lukewarm buyer. I don't know enough to be a hot buyer, but the potential is there.

I had asked the rep to send me some information.  I received a very nice folder/brochure, a DVD and a cover letter.  The cover letter says:

"Blah, blah, blah.... In addition, there is a DVD enclosed that will tell you all about the products in about the first 20 minutes."

What?  The FIRST 20 minutes?  Are you kidding me?  What in the world makes them think I am going to watch their promotional material for almost a half hour? It is never going to happen.  And now, because I didn't get the information I needed, I've become a much less interested buyer.

Consumers today have a USA Today mentality and attention span.  Give it to me short and sweet.  Or I don't want it.  Technology has given us the tools to skip, skim or just ignore marketing messages if they aren't delivered in a palatable way.

How are you doing in this arena?  Are you being mindful of your potential customers' attention spans or are you cramming as much information at them as possible?

Are you being skipped, skimmed or ignored?


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