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Does the early bird get the shaft?

So... are you an early riser?

Do you love to get to work early... so that you can leave early?

You know... get in a few hours before everyone else... so you can get things done without anyone else around.At_work_early

Mmmmm.  Does the thought of a sunrise, a hot cup of coffee on the desk and a quite office make your heart sing?

Then go for it.

BUT when you do... be strategic. 


Well... as you know... many offices have an unwritten rule.  It's "The last one to leave is the MVP." 

Heck... forget leaving early... in some cases... just leaving on time can sometimes lead to a perception that you must not have enough to do. 

Sound familiar?

So... what's an early riser to do?

Well... Laura Stack, a productivity guru, lists some excellent insights on helping the early bird get the worm... not the shaft.

Maybe Laura's post on getting in early... and getting out early... will grab your attention, but you might push back because of having trouble with getting up in the wee hours of the morning to take advantage of the quiet early-morning moments in the office.

Well, then check out Dave Cheong's 15 tips on getting out of bed early!  It'll help you get going... with or without double doses of super-high-octane caffeine!

Okay... now I'm off for another cup o' coffee and a few more quite hours in the office.

How about you?  What are some of your strategies for going in early... and getting out on time? 

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