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How Healthy is Your Web Presence?

Does your web site need a check-up?  A new exercise regimen? A complete physical?

Let's be honest. Some of us need to diet and won't admit it. Some of us are nutrition freaks - and it could be ruining our health.

In our diets, some fats promote our health; some fats increase the risk to our health.

They say that commercially packaged products are often loaded with trans fatty acids (a bad fat). Too many saturated fats can lead to health risks.

Web sites , especially those designed from a template, are often commercially packaged (Is that design actually a template purchased for $50? And they resold it to you for how much?). They come saturated with keywords which look great in a density cloud ("Your keyword appears 14% on each page"), but it's not friendly reading to the human eye.

Blogs are more organic, they grow naturally - in voice, in readership, and in search rankings. What? Search Rankings aren't important?

Let's be honest. You want to be findable, right? No? What's with that half-page Yellow Book ad? Ah, yes...so people can...yep, thought so....find you.

Blogs are Good FAT, because they promote:

  • Findability: Customers find you, you find them. Because of the nature of blog sites, they become easier to find.
  • Affordability: It's laughable when you compare - and yes, blogware can produce everything your dreamweaver-golive-frontpage-whatever-wysiwyg thing can.
  • Trustability: Truth always bubbles to the top over time. And with consistent updates to your site, your audience will recognize your voice - online and offline.

Enough of the condensed, processed, trans-fatty web sites. And take your website for a walk once in awhile - get it some exercise (update it now and again).

How Healthy is your Web Presence?


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