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Shock, Blush, The New Beginning

280123118_70a8031a1f_m_2Shock - The response of employees that are asked for input by their manager, CEO, or owner.  Shock - The response of employees when the manager, CEO or owner actually acknowledges that an employee exists. 

Are you one of the leaders in your organization that walk by employees everyday not knowing their name?  Are you a leader that take customers through your business and totally ignore the employee right in front of you?  Quit being status quo - try shocking your employees.

Blush - The response of an employee when they are recognized for their efforts.  A simple task that too many leaders ignore.  When was the last time you saw one of your employees blush from embarrassment because you acknowledged their efforts?  Step up and make it happen.

The New Beginning - When leaders make Shock and Blush part of their regular routine, employees start stepping up to challenges.  The company culture will ignite like a new star, and begin to radiate a new energy that drives company and personal growth.

New beginnings are rare in our world today. Shock & Blush, and you will get to be a part of a new beginning!

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Great post, Victor.

Excellent observation on how pride and ownership can lead to growth in many areas.

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