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We Need New Heroes

Stoops When it comes to life/work balance... we need new heroes. 

To that I say... "what about Bob?"  Bob Stoops that is.

By college football coaching standards, Bob Stoops is all screwed up.  By work/life balance standards... he's right-side up.

College football coaches are supposed to have horrible schedules with travel and watching game tapes until 3 AM.  They're supposed to demand the same of their staff... with team meetings at 6 AM after spending the night on the office couch.  They're supposed to squeeze their family in on Sunday afternoons before heading to one last meeting to review the weekend's game.

Well... nobody told Bob Stoops.

Instead of staying at the office until late... he's usually home by dinner.  He holds Wednesday-night "family-meetings" that allow his coaches spouses and their kids to turn the Sooner's football offices into a gymnasium.  Oh... and he doesn't start his day until 8:45 AM, so that his staff can participate in their family's various morning activities.

The world might think that his approach would damage his effectiveness.  But... his record would suggest otherwise.  (Stoops has a combined record of 86-18 -- the second most wins by any Division 1-A school and the best record of any BCS school during that stretch.)

Plus... the announcement about his salary last week also helps to prove that this work/life balance can be done and that it can be done... and done well.

Is it possible in your industry? 

Is this kind of balance possible in your life?  Maybe.  I don't know.

But... it's important to know that people are doing it.  It gives us hope.


It's important to have heroes.  And even though I'm not even a college football fan... I've got a new hero in Bob Stoops

How about you?  Who are some of your heroes when it comes to work/life balance?

More importantly... what's something you do... could do... or want to try to do to become better at this work/life balance thing?   

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Great post and great example. I know many people, including myself that struggle with this topic and it is always reassuring to hear how others do it successfully.

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