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Don't have time for reading? Let technology help.

I love to read.  But... I don't have much time for it.Experiment

With early morning meetings... my reading sessions at sunrise tend to get cut short.

And... even though I go to bed with a book... with good intentions of reading for a while...  I usually fall asleep after digging into just a paragraph or two.  (In fact, my wife doesn't let me read hefty-hardcover books in bed any more.  I was too prone to dropping them on my face as I zonked out!)

How about you?

Do you enjoy reading but wrestle with the clock on finding the time to do it?

Well... technology has launched some options to help the too-busy-not-to-read crowd!

One big announcement came from XM Radio this week.  On September 10th, they are launching The Big Read in which celebs like Robert Duvall, Sandra Day O'Connor and Colin Powell are going to read classic novels for 30 minutes at a time.  The broadcasts will air three times a day.  So... you can catch installments of Fahrenheit 451 or the Great Gatsby while you're in your office... your car... or at home making dinner.

Another option is the growing number of titles that are available on itunes.  You can grab an audio version of many of the current best sellers (as well as many lesser-known titles) for your ipod.  So, instead of listening to 30 minutes of bad news as you jog on the treadmill in the morning... you can get filled up on some great new ideas or go on an wild adventure with your favorite secret agent.

So... again... if you're short on reading time... maybe listening to a book might make it an option.

Lastly, I will say that my wife, Melissa, always says there's nothing better than cracking open an actual book and pouring over the pages one by one.  So... if you're in that camp... and the new technology isn't an option... then hearing from the author of the Harry Potter series... J.K. Rowling... on her strategy for making time to read might help.  (click here to check it out). 

Either way... grab a book (a paper and glue version or an electronic version)... dig in... refresh... and enjoy!

By the way... how do you find time?  What are your strategies for making time to read?  Click "comments" and join in the conversation.

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When I was a child, my parents gave me a rule...

"You can anything you want on TV, but you have a maximum of one hour per day."

Once I got to college, of course, I suspended this rule. Many years later, I wondered where my time went.

Since then, I have re-added the rule (with an exception for Tuesday Movie Night). I found that my time dramatically expanded. I also gain time by prepping food in advance of when I need it, and freezing it. The time savings give me time to read and work on other projects.

Really, it's all about priorities. If you want to read, you'll find the time. If you find yourself losing time, then you need to plug the time leak so that you get time for other activities.

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