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Customer Satisfaction? CHECK!

Checklist_2 A client of mine is a pilot. One day he brought me the checklist of things he must go through before taking off in his plane. I was shocked at the multiple pages, with multiple columns of items typed in a tiny font. There are so many details it's a wonder that he gets to fly at all. I'm sure that there are days when the preparation and checklist takes more time than the actual flight!

I've always said that the difference between good and great is in the details.

My wife and I are staying in a Springhill Suites this week. Marriott does a nice job overall, but I notice that, as a business traveler, it's the "details" that annoy me. The water in my "kitchenette" faucet doesn't work. The list of channels on the in-room channel guide are completely wrong. They may seem like nit-picky things, but when they don't work they annoy you. When they annoy you it affects your overall impression and satisfaction with the experience. Will it affect my decision in the future. Probably.

Perhaps the channel guide and faucet aren't on housekeepings checklist.

Do you have a checklist of what your customer expects? Do you check and double check that you are delivering the details in a way that will satisfy customers?


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Your post rings true. I experienced similar things last week while at an Embassy Suites. It comes down to your organization having a detailed services blueprint and properly identifying where service failures can occur. If you receive a complaint not covered by your blueprint, revise it.

The little things will add up and bite you.

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