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Delegate Everything Except Uniqueness

Uniqueness Executive coaching is a hugh force in the world of training & developement today. My coaching practice is bigger today than it's ever been. Having your very own sounding board, learning partner, executive coach is a perk that many managers and directors are insisting on from their leaders.

But when partnering up with a coach, what's often the tendency to focus on? Weaknesses. Flaws. What's wrong. This comes from our childhood training where we learned that the secret to success in life is to "get better at what we're not already good at." That's dead wrong. That forces us to be preoccupied with mediocre behavior, performance and results. It results in a perpetual sense of frustration, wasted potential, and missed opportunity.

What should be the focus? Talents. Strengths. Uniqueness.

Think about it. As human beings, we spend our lives in a number of different "zones" or situations.

  • Sometimes we're forced, or we mistakenly chose, to work in areas that do not play to who we really are, to our strengths. If we're right-handed, it's like having to do all of our work with our left hands. It's hard. No fun. And we'll never be at --or do--our best.
  • Most of the time we are fortunate enough to be able to operate in areas that we are competent in. We have strengths in. We enjoy most of the time.
  • But...who are the most successful and happy in their careers? As entrepreneurs AND intrapreneurs? Those who are blessed with being able to play to their uniqueness. To KNOW and to BE who they truly ARE.

Think about how different your life would be -- whether you are president of your own small business, a department head, or an individual contributor -- if you could spend your day doing those activities:

  1. that you absolutely love doing,
  2. that give you more energy than they consume, and
  3. that produce tremendous results in relation to the amount of time you invest.

You can. You can be a learner, be confident, and be creative. You can have a sense of simplicity, clarity and serenity. How? Identify what your unique strengths are (...see list of activities above!) and do only them. Delegate everything else on your desk --your to-do list--to individuals who have uniqueness where you do not. Who have strengths where you have weaknesses.

Pay others to do those things that they are uniquely gifted to do, that fall outside your uniqueness, and look at what happens. You benefit, they benefit, and your business prospers. What are you waiting for? See list of activities above.

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