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Feeling buried? Is bankruptcy an option? (E-mail bankruptcy... that is.)

Do you ever feel buried by your e-mail in-box?Email_2

Have you heard about the growing trend of declaring e-mail bankruptcy? 

No?  Well... Lawrence Lessig (Wired columnist) described this tactic after spending 80+ hours trying to dig out from under the weight of his log-jammed in-box.

He said, "Bankruptcy is now my only option," as he sent a mass e-mail to his "correspondence creditors."  (Click here to see how Lessig did it.)

The key was that not only did he come up with a strategic way to turn over a new leaf... but he also committed to staying on top of it from that point on.  That shift is important.

Well... now... this trend is continuing to set people free.  And it's even impacting the way some people read blogs.

Yes... that's right.  Blogger/Lawyer Julie Flemming-Brown is even promoting the declaration of "blog bankruptcy."

YIKES!?!  If you're an avid blogger... you might say... "What's that!?!"

In short... Julie had fallen way behind in reading her blog RSS feeds... and decided to draw a line and start fresh.  (Read how she did it.)

Now... I'll say that I'm not a huge fan of declaring bankruptcy when it comes to a person's finances... but when it comes to e-mail and RSS feeds... I might just be for it. 

Especially when you consider the fact that a task left undone wears a person down more than doing it.  And with 100's to 1000's of e-mails piling up... sometimes it's impossible for a person to get out from underneath the load. 

An option... it seems... might come in the form of a mass e-mail and a "delete all" function.

The key is changing the pattern of behavior that got you in the hole in the first place.  If you'd like some strategies on that... you can check out one of my previous posts.

How about you?  What do you think?  Is this an option?  Have you done it yourself? 

Or... are you offended at the thought of being on the receiving end of it?

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Mitch, thanks for telling me it is okay to declare blog bankruptcy. I have done it once or twice, and it is the right way to go.

I did spend a weekend once catching up. I flew through posts so quick, it was meaningless. Worse yet, by the time I got to the current stuff, I was so burnt out I was not an active participant.

Part of time management is knowing when to say "time to move on".

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