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Conversation ≠ Working

458804357_0aa56ddba4_m When you see people conversing in your company, what runs through your mind?  Is it conversation ≠ working or conversation = working?  The vast majority of owners and managers pick the ≠ versus =. 

They immediately assume that conversation relates to gossip, personal stories, joking around and lack of performance.  This could be true, but what if they are discussing issues that could result in a better bottom line performance.

How many times have you assumed the worst and waded into the situation to stop the nonsense?  If I am the employee who was trying to help the company and you chastise me for it, then you have encouraged me to move to useless conversation.  The assumption of wasted time can be the spark that triggers a negative behavior cycle.

Just imagine if your company made the assumption that conversation = working.  Everyone would be focused on having conversations that add value to the company.  We all know that this reality is unachievable, but striving for it creates a culture that drives bottom line performance.  It also encourages a culture of trust, respect, and innovation.

I would encourage you to quit assuming and begin an evaluation of the conversations in your company.  The results may shock you enough to initiate a cultural change.

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