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Do you love it or loathe it?

Recently, Curt Rosegren pointed to a free e-book by Lori and Arnie Herz of Legal Sanity

It was about connecting more of what you do in work to what you are passionate about in life. 

In effect, they were asking the question: "What if your work... AND your life... flowed more out of your passions and sweet spot?  What could happen?  What would it be like?"

How does that sound?  Pretty good right?Journal_4

Now, shooting for a perfect utopia in the biz world with rainbow and butterflies isn't really realistic. 

But what if?

These authors make the point that if you know where your passions are and you align your work with those passions, it results in more meaningful work.  And I like their definition of "meaningful work:"

"Meaningful work is work that more often than not, fills us instead of depleting us."

Okay... so how do we get there?

The Herz's have some suggestions.  You can check them out in their e-book. 

I also like one of Marcus Buckingham's approaches to finding your passions and strengths.  He calls it a Love/Loathe list. 

You simply carry a notebook with you and draw a line down the middle of each page.  At the top of the first column, you write "LOVE."  On the top of the second column, you write "LOATHE."

Then, as you go about your daily activities you track each activity by putting it on the appropriate side.  You just keep asking yourself "Do I love this... or loathe it?"  And then write it down.  Don't judge it.  Don't even worry about how you'd get rid of it. 

At this point you just write it down.

After a week or so you'll have a pretty good list of the things you love to do and the things you... well... the things you don't love to do.

What activities would be on your list?  Which column would they go in?

Give it a try and next week we'll talk about some of the things that you can do with your list that might help you to move towards what the Herzs call "Meaningful work."

Sound good?  Let me know how it goes... as it goes!

Photo credit and kudos to: kat and aq


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Thanks for pointing out this e-book. Arnie has a great blog and the e-book is interesting. I am fortunate our law firm values family time and allows me to engage other pursuits. I'll take you up on your suggestion.


Mitch - Arnie rocks! He's a fellow advisor on www.office-politics.com. Thanks for pointing out his e-book. I'm sure there are many people who will receive value from that. You are always adding some great value.

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