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Hire a Blog Today.

Helpwanted Is your company blog site simply a tool - or do you treat it like an employee?

I started working when I was 14 years old. A dishwasher in a French restaurant. I think I made like $2.00 per hour and shared tips from the nicer waitresses.

My grandfather said I was overpaid. I didn't understand that - so I worked harder. After a few short weeks, I got my first raise (four bits) and proudly told my grandpa about it.

He told me that everyone begins a job overvalued and underworked. It's part of the learning process. In time, things even out. Eventually, the great workers are undervalued and overworked - and sometimes overlooked.

When you begin working with your company blog, it will be like training a new employee. You'll be investing a good amount of time in:

  • Finding your writing voice
  • Commenting on other sites
  • Searching for like-minded blogs
  • Learning some of the tools of the blogosphere

Eventually, your blog will be running smooth and returning value in readership. It will help extend your company's reach and voice. It will help you become findable in places you hadn't expected.

But don't neglect this employee (or any of them for that matter). Periodically, have a review. What kind of perks can you give your blog site to assist it in doing its job?

  • A new design
  • Some widgets or navigation. Maybe some social bookmark tools in the footer.
  • A spotlight in your collateral material
  • A company car (okay - maybe a bit much there)

Loving your employees will compel them to be better, loyal, contagious, enthusiastic... They will become an advocate for you and your company.

How about your blog? Tool or employee? How about your company's web site?

- 5 Ways to Treat Your Website Like an Employee and Reap the Rewards


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