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Medical payments - and the trip to the store

Angry_parent The other day I was in the grocery store minding my own business when two children came out of nowhere and ran right into the side of me. 

I gave them that look any parent would give –  and they ran off around the aisle. I then heard a sneaker squeak, a thud, and then crying.  Under my breath I’m muttering, “where is their mother or father?” 

I quickly walk around the corner and see the young boy has fallen and cut his head on the shelving of the store.  His head is bleeding quite a bit and I’m not quite sure what I should do other than try and care for this little boy.

Do I shout 911 and make a scene?

Being an insurance agent my mind starts to wonder about the potential things that could happen in this situation. 

  • Did this boy slip on water? 
  • Was there something else that was in the area that caused this injury to occur? 
  • Am I going to be asked to testify? 
  • Maybe I shouldn’t be helping. 

Finally someone from the store comes over and pulls some items off another shelf and starts to clean up the child.  Further investigation reveals he is going to need some stitches.  Mom arrives after an announcement over the intercom asking for the guardian of the child to come to the aisle we are in.

What happens next?  Is the store going to be sued? 

The store will more than likely make sure the boy is taken care of and pay the medical expenses. 

Why would they do this? 

Medical payments coverage is not liability insurance. 

In that sense, medical payments are viewed as a means of making prompt settlements, satisfying potential liability claimants, and avoiding possibly larger liability claims. 

  • What does it cover?
  • First aid administered at the time of an accident.
  • Necessary medical, surgical, X-ray, and dental services, including prosthetic devices.
  • Necessary ambulance, hospital, professional nursing, and funeral services.

The only way I will ever know if the store is being sued is if I get a knock at the door. 

I have to tell you though that the floor was not wet. The children were horsing around and I could not see what exactly happened.  In this case I would think the store went out of its way to provide care and would not be sued.

Or will they?


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That's an interesting blog post. Sure the question about whether the store will be sued is a valid one in today's society but also just as important is the fact that you (and others) need to do your duty to act as a witness in these instances.

If there is a report identifying a witness who saw the kids horsing around and the floor wasn't wet wouldn't you agree the boy's family would be a lot less likely to sue?

I know people don't want to be involved but it is very important for our legal system that witnesses be willing to report what they observed to appropriate authorities or at least to the parties. It sounds like you did because I am sure you won't be surprised to receive a call.


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