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Social Bookmark Intelligence

In Do it Wrong Quickly: How the Web Changes Old Marketing Rules, author Mike Moran says:

If you have a story to tell and make it easy to pass on, more people will provide that recommendation you crave.

Social Bookmarks allow your readers to provide, share and spread your message in many ways.

I've answered the question about whether social bookmarks are marketing tools elsewhere. Recently, one customer had been averaging just over 100 page views per day. One of their articles got "stumbled" and received a 300% spike in traffic. The spike lasted for two days and the post still gets activity from the StumbleUpon recommendation.

At The Simple Dollar, author Trent Hamm uses Feedburner's FeedFlare to equip his readers to share his content. Is it working?  With 1,698 Delicious Links and over 6,400 Blog Reactions pointing to the site...I'd say so.

One way to tap into social bookmarking is by using a service such as AddThis or SocialMarker (as found at Jason Falls SocialMediaExplorer site...can you find the bookmark button)

An example of AddThis comes from fellow Iowans CyberNetNews. As you mouse over a bookmark button, a tooltip-type pop-up appears:


Rather than just pass this (opportunity) up as a passing fancy, get intelligent about social bookmarking and employ it on every page of your site.

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Hard to believe Mike Sansone himself found something he didn't already know on my site! Thanks for the credit.

Thanks for the mention of my blog post.
I liked your blog. Keep visiting.

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