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Not Our Responsibility

346797780_01151b0f21_mResponsibility is a heavy burden for all of us.  Those in leadership roles carry a much heavier load of responsibility that is inherent in leading organizations.

I have been in meetings with management groups that want to change their company's culture.  They discuss the idea for hours. Yet, when it comes time to really walk the talk, they point the woes of the company's culture on the employees. 

They simply point the finger and say it is not their responsibility. 

These are the types of managers/leaders that need to learn a lesson in what responsibility means.  As the manager/leader, it is your responsibility to initiate change in your organization.  The first step must be taken by the manager/leader.  Leaders must be willing to put their necks on the line first and they must be willing to weather the storm of organizational change.

When employees begin witnessing behaviors from their management/leadership group that support change, this starts the cycle of improvement.  Employees start to realize that changes are real and the organization is willing to invest time and money to support change. 

The road of responsibility starts with you - the leader.    

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