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Some schoolin' and retoolin' on work-life balance

Okay... so I took the red-eye back from a speaking gig in California on Thursday night so that I could walk my boys to school on Friday morning. 

Yup.  I made it home in time.  School_desk

Yup.  I took a stand for my priorities. 

Yup.  I crashed and burned out of total exhaustion later that day. 

Can you relate?

It's days like that that remind me that even though I coach people on work/life balance, I also need to take some refresher courses on the subject from time to time. 

Yes.  I need to go back to school on balancing my work priorities and my life priorities.  How about you?

So... today... I thought I'd share some of my most recent schooling on the matter. 

Sound good?

Class 1:  Wendy Piersall offered 20 work-life balance tips for the overworked entrepreneur.  I especially liked her reminders on asking for help, blocking out time, running hard and then relaxing hard and lastly... her recommendations for getting a coach.  (My bias might be coming out there!)

Class 2:  Erina Lee at eHarmony Labs (Yes... that eHarmony) posted about some recent studies looking at work-life balance in relationships.  It's a bit more clinical... but it's still some good food for thought.

Class 3:  Susan Bernstein dug into the types of questions we're asking ourselves... especially around the concept of work-life balance and living a fulfilling life.  It's simple but instantly applicable.  Check it out.

Okay... So how about you? 

What have you been learning about work-life balance?  What has life been teaching you?  What have you been learning from others?

Jump in the conversation and let us know! 

Photo credit and kudos to: soldeace


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